Great Work of Light

Great Work of Light

Participate at the creation of a better world!

Since many years, this co-creation with light workers has been guided by Mary and her sacred collective. At each destination visited, the action is physically supported by the group of travelers with the intention of nourishing a powerful radiance of peace towards the heart of humanity.

The more numerous we are to participate in this federating and unifying event, the more our action impacts the planet and all forms of life. The time has come for a great gathering to open our hearts to the world, to put ourselves at the service of light by implanting it in matter, and to stimulate our impulses of solidarity, openness, tolerance and compassion.

Message from Mother Mary:

« Dear weavers of light, your individual and collective action, even at a distance, creates a field of force of extraordinary power, thus facilitating the anchoring of this sowing of peace and light in the cells of the Earth, in the heart of humanity and in the entire planetary energy network.

Igniting in consciousness the sacred fire of peace is a true catalyst of evolution which, through your united hearts, nourishes the long golden thread of the sacred circle with all the worlds and the Creator.  Be true candles of light and beacons in this world. Shanti – Salam – Shalom – Shanti  »  – Mary

Weaving together the energy web of the New World

Each chosen destination with his powerful portals is an opportunity to anchor pillars of light and create a vortex of peace to support the emergence of a new humanity. It is the conscious creation of a huge web of light that unify different sacred and energetic sites around the planet.

Lise Côté

International speaker, instructor, spiritual guide, author of two books published by Ariane Editions, messenger and initiator of the Sacred Feminine, Lise Côté has dedicated herself for more than thirty years to channelling the universal teachings of Mother Mary and the Mary-Isis-Myriam collective.

In 1995, Lise Côté founded Ahava International, a center that combines psycho-corporal and energetic intervention with spiritual accompaniment on the sacred path of the body, heart and soul. The center offers seminars, workshops, conferences, gatherings and initiative trips to high vibratory places on the planet.

Ahava International, is also an energetic healing training school and memory integration. The School also offers three personal journeys of The Sacred Path leading to a professional training. This training is a synthesis of Mary’s universal teaching.

The teachings transmitted are free of any philosophical, sectarian or religious affiliation.

Participate at the Great Work meditation

Wherever you are on the planet, it is an appointment to join us vibrationaly at the precise time. The more numerous we are, the greater the impact will be. We recommend that you sit in a circle, a geometric matrix shape that unites you to all the worlds, and place a rose in its center. Also, you can sprinkle yourself with a few drops of rose essential oil with the blissful scent of the divine feminine. The rose is the Divine Mother’s sacred heart essence.

A meditation guided by Mary and her collective will be broadcast on the Web. We will vibrationally unite at a specific place in the Canary Islands to serve as pillars for this luminous action.


Date: sunday, december 20th, 2020 – solstice

Hours: Eastern time America: 10 a.m. / Canary islands+UK: 3 p.m. / Western Europe, France, Belgium, Germany, etc.: 4 p.m. 

It’s free!

Vibratory union point:

Mount Teide, Tenerife island, Canary islands





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